Our Mission and Values

Loving God... Loving Others... Serving the World...

Our Mission

Loving God... Loving Others... Serving the World...

Our 12 Core Values

1. God’s Word – we are a Bible-believing church.

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word and the final authority for rule of faith and practice. 

2. Jesus Christ – we are a Christ-centred church.

The person of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished at the cross is central to all that we do. He is the Chief Shepherd and we are His under-shepherds to the people of our community

3. The Holy Spirit – we are a Spirit-filled church.

We welcome the ministry and moving of the Holy Spirit and the development and release of His fruit and gifts.

4. Worship – we are a worshiping church.

We seek to enjoy and experience the presence of God through powerful praise and intimate worship according to biblical patterns.

5. Prayer – we are a praying church.

The principle of prayer is believed to be the engine room, powerhouse of the Holy Spirit, which enables our individual, family and corporate church life.

6. Outreach – we are an evangelistic church.

We seek to reach out and influence our community through strategic evangelism, community service, small group ministry and local and overseas missions.

7. Discipleship – we are an equipping church.

Our goal is to make disciples by way of training and motivating them to fulfil their God-given destiny.  We aim to do this by providing leadership, teaching and training through various classes and groups in the life of the church.

8. Relationships – we are a loving church.

To love one another is our goal and we facilitate this through regular fellowship at our Worship and Celebration services each Sundays, as well as within small mid-week groups "Life Groups" where people are loved and cared for in such a way that they feel accepted and valued and have a real sense of belonging.

9. Relevance – we are a contemporary church.

Our goal is to present the unchanging message of the gospel in such a way that it is able to be clearly understood by all, helping people to grow up into Christ.

10. Family – we are a family church.

We uphold values of family and marriage and seek to bridge cultural and generation gaps to create a sense of community and family unity.

11. Excellence – we are a quality church.

We believe God deserves the best we have to offer therefore we seek to maintain a high quality of excellence in everything we do to bring glory to God.

12. Integrity – we are a character church.

We hold this value as the filter of all the others. Uprightness, honesty, trustworthiness and Godly character are foundational in all we do.