Coronavirus Update

Updated information as required

UPDATE - Tuesday 24th March

With all the changes that have been coming through, we still need to keep our focus on Jesus Christ because no matter what we see before us, He is still on the throne.

With limitations in place to help restrict the spread of the Coronavirus, all our 'services' are now running online. We are continuing to develop in these areas of technology, but please continue to check out our Church Online tab for everything you need for Online Church and more. This time of social distancing is a great opportunity for us to think about how we can do church differently, not only to reach those in our local area, but worldwide through the ongoing use of technology.

You can also stay up to date though our 'CityLight Church Kingston' Facebook, Instagram pages as well as our YouTube Channel to see all videos and playlists as they become available. That way, as we develop different resources, you can continue to remain equipped.

It is important we don't use this time to continue focussing on the news and social media. By all means stay up to date with changes as they come, but don't stay there hour upon hour. There are plenty of testimonies that give glory to the enemy and all he is doing. We need to celebrate the King of kings and testify to His goodness. As I have previously said, we can only build one house at a time and if we are building the house of fear, then our house of faith remains untouched, but if we build the house of faith, then the house of fear will remain untouched. Let's use this time to pray and study His Word and become strengthened in our faith in Father to see us through this, as well as becoming more equipped as a disciple maker to reach a lost and hurting world.

We potentially still have a few big weeks ahead of us – possibly even months, but let’s not lose focus of Jesus Christ. He is still Lord and He is still on the throne. Psalm 91:10 says that “No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.” Let’s continue to stand in faith and declare the truth that in all things, Jesus is Lord.

To be kept up to date on the latest information on the Coronavirus, please visit the Australian Department of Health

Click on the image to get the latest information on the Coronavirus from the Australian Department of Health